Fishing the Missouri River Short Leash

Fishing the Missouri River Short Leash

A great October nymphing rigging technique.

The short leash is employed as well in this lower water period.

Can you rig long and roll? Sure. Sometimes int he mornings and in the high and bright sun we love to go deep.

Short Leash
A good short leash fish in the lower canyon

But in the afternoons when the minuscule Pseudo fly comes off you may want to go short. Some fellers run really short and without the Tungsten bead. Your choice. You can go any which way you want to. How about a Lightening Bug and an RS2? How about a Two Bit Hooker and a Little Green Machine? How about a traditional Pheasant Tail and a Zebra Midge?

All good choices. Get your Palsa Tabs out or your smaller Thingamabobber, Strike Foundy ‘lil Nuggets, or your yarn. Tie on what you like and run it.

Need more info on this topic? Stop by the store and see what the hype is all about. Open daily at 7am…

And as we move deeper into fall please do your fall weather dance. No need for sunny skies in October. No need.


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  • Bigfoot Stole My Wife
    October 6, 2015 11:34 am

    Because I am a bit slow and just to be clear in my head. 24″ from indicator to first fly, then another 12″ to the second fly for a total of 36″ from indicator to bottom fly? All same tippet weight?

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