It's time to work on your casting technique

1 Goal for Winter

1 Goal for Winter

If I had to choose 1 goal for winter, it would be…

Understand that every cast has an ending. Finishing with the rod tip, or entire rod, parallel with the water/ground; is incorrect. Every time.

Nobody ever told you, nor did you read somewhere that you should shoot line every cast. Never. I will send you a prize if you show me evidence of this fact. A good prize.

Buy a practice caster. Practice with it. You will be better in 2024. Not casting this winter will not make you better.

Ahh, but shooting line every cast? That will make you something. I have read that.

Choose a casting goal. A goal for improvement this winter. An option for you. Ten minutes a week with rod in hand will make you better than your buddies. I promise.

And that is what winter is for, in the fly fishing universe. Improvement.


Just a simple reminder from HH of Craig. Didn’t you say you were gonna practice this winter?


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  • wayne e clayton
    December 14, 2023 6:30 am

    Hi Mark Guide for as long as I have and you see some strange things.On more than one occasion I have seen people catch fish on their backcast.If the rod is going “water to water” you will never have a good cast

    • Yep. Had it happen a few occasions. Twice nymphing with guests. On big trout, one whitefish. On my own, one grasshopper eater on the backcast that I let fall to the water after missing a big eat badly. Then, the door prize, a silly jumpin’ rainbow just had to have that Whitlock’s Hopper. No foam here man. Thanks Wayne. Lots of laughs on this topic!

  • I believe it Wayne, I have seen it too. In fact, I’ve done it! (not that I’m proud of it)

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