And Winter Arrived on the Mo

And Winter Arrived on the Mo

Day 1 of winter, today.

It has arrived. Not a soul in Craig. A couple, meaning a couple waterfowlers roaming.

A long fall preceded this moment. Great fishing for the swinging and stripping set. Situation normal for the nymphing crew, very good outcomes daily. The dry fly gang feeling a bit anemic after a poor baetis performance.

Overall quite good. Water levels and temps fall Ito the normal range. Weather fell into the fantastic basket. Unless you like water in there form of snow on the hillsides. Not a great start for ’24 water conditions. But, as we have learned, meaning humanity, is that Mother Nature operates on her own schedule.

Now winter.

Listening to Ella today singing Night in Tunisia. The tops for female jazz artists is Ella. For me. If you could be as light in hand with your fly rod as Ella is with her larger than average 3 octave voice range…you’d be damn good. 

Played Night in Tunisia in the high school jazz band. First time I heard it, and then played it. I played the trumpet. Dizzy, his Be-Bop roots, got me real jazzed. And Ella, well the greatest voice ever? The ease in which she effortlessly gallops through vocal seamlines is mind-altering.


Those are the thoughts I have as the winter sets in. How to emulate those two above with the fly rod. To improv with rod in hand easily alongside Dizzy or present a library of casts and presentations swinging along with Ella. Should be winter goals. But way too early for that level of commitment.

Enjoy the beginning of winter. The opportunity to focus on long 5 month projects. Like working on your long cast.

Or getting Dizzy scatting alongside Ella! 

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