Dead Flies Don’t Swim Video & 5 Things to Never Do Dry Fly Fishing

Dead Flies Don’t Swim Video & 5 Things to Never Do Dry Fly Fishing

Water levels falling this week we think. They fell yesterday by a couple thousand and will fall again today below 9K. Hooray.

The dry fly bite yesterday was damn good as well. More to come as we get into the true dry fly period with water levels appropriate for the season.

Today we show you again Dead Flies Don’t Swim. A classic HH vid by Scumliner Media that shows the joys of July.

Dead Flies Don’t Swim is also branded on our dry fly specific fly line. We believe in the slogan. Meaning? Dragging flies do not get eaten by our voracious trout. Perfect dead drifts get us through the day for sure.

5 Things to Never Do Dry Fly Fishing

  1. Drag your fly. Dead Flies Don’t Swim. Dead bugs do not move on the water. The primary diet of our trout here in Central Montana is dead flies. Spinners, cripples, scents.
  2. Think you are good enough to toss the first cast into the lane and hope. Dude. I don’t know any body that good. Prep for a couple minutes and make the appropriate drift before you alert the enemy you are in the neighborhood. All men over 50 do this. Almost all. I’ve had a couple in the boat that don’t. Maybe a few. But not a lot. Fellers do this everyday. It’s bad. Catch more fish and practice a bit outside of the trout.
  3. Make your goal to catch the trout. Don’t foul it up early in the game. Make a plan. Execute. No plan?No fish. Guessing again? If you are a guesser, and I think you may be, then your goal is not to catch that trout. You can see everything. The fish rising, the fly floating not dragging, the fly. All the variables are in front of you. You can see them all. No secrets. No guessing. DOn’t guess your fly over there.
  4. Shoot line on rising trout. Most dry fly ops are within 30′. Some 25′. You do not have to shoot line 30′. Nope. Cast it with accuracy. Don’t shoot line at a 30′ target. You are guessing every cast. And that is bad.
  5. Get too close to another angler while dry fly fishing. Lots of water out there. Respect others water. BE smart. Don’t be that guy. You know. That guy the dick.
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  • “That guy the dick.” OMG. Classic Raisler.

    “No plan? No fish.” Again, classic. I should have that tattooed on my forehead. Mark, you are a guru. We Helena anglers climb the mountain to sit at your feet and gain wisdom. You say more in four words than other guides (and outdoor writers) say in a lifetime. We are not worthy.

    Hey, maybe one of these days you could expound upon the “small business plan” concept that Orvis’s Tom Rosenbauer quotes you as talking about and which you haven’t fully gone into detail about on the HH blog. Your legions of fans beseech you…

    • Will get that blog up shortly Tom. Yeah, it has been a part of many blogs, I will put together the Master Biz Plan this week! Thanks Tom, always a good idea!

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