Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.23.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.23.14

The success rate goes like this…

  1. Nymphing
  2. Streamer Chucking
  3. Dry Fly Angling

That is how the numbers stack up. We all fish for different reasons. Sometimes just one fish is enough. While we do occasionally go blank one fish seems good enough.

Is it still good when we go blank? You bet.

I for one just enjoy getting out and enjoying the day. Watching the day go by is my favorite fishing plan. You can hook a few with this plan too. A little too loose for many though. Those serious anglers need more planning than that…

We get and enjoy both pursuits.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.23.14

How about a couple hints for nymphing success.

  1. Find the bugs and put your flies, your imitations, right in the mix. Understand where the fish, the bugs are, at the time of angling and sink them accordingly.
  2. Trust yourself.
  3. If your shit ain’t working, change it immediately.
  4. Sows, scuds, midges, and mayflies will get you through the day.
Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.23.14
Get on board this winter with a Spey Day on the Missouri River

Some Streamer Fishing Secrets

  1. They, the trouts, can eat it dead drifted or on the drop. Be aware of that.
  2. When the sun comes off the water the fish go nuts for streamers. Or cloudy days.
  3. Change if you are not getting the bite.
  4. Slow strips, fast strips? Change if they are not responding to your magic.

Dry Fly Antics

  1. First cast is the best cast.
  2. Slack line presentations catch way, way, way more fish.
  3. Leave the fish if you do not get them in an hour. Give ups dn move on.
  4. Or stay til you are blue in the face. Or your fishing partner is a snoring.
  5. Cripples catch tons of trout on the Missouri River

Missouri River Weather, Flows, and Temps

4200cfs and 55F for the water temps. The weather ahead of us is not dis-similar¬†to the weeks behind us this Ocotber. Will it change? Yes, in th endear future towards the back end of the weekend we should see more seasonal types of temperatures, clue covers, snow, sleet, baetis…you know all the stuff we pray for in this historically buggy month.


Click on that ICON on your right there friend. Check out the videos by Headhunters and Scumliner Media on Headhunters TV. Do it now and enjoy some Missouri River love!

The shop is open daily from 730am til 7pm. Lots of sale stuff including fly lines, jackets, gloves, hats, logo wear, Howler Bros, SIMMS, a couple demo rods from this year from SAGE and Echo and Orvis.

Check out the Spey Special that starts November 1st. $300 Spey Guide Trips. Love it. Come on out an enjoy the day swinging streamers with your 2 handed rod. If you do not have one, we can supply one. Never spey cast in your life? No worries there either. Book your $300 Spey Special and you will be catching fish on that goofy long 2 hander by days end! No Problem. Call the shop for mor info if you like.

Come by for shuttles, info, demo rods, a new RIO In Touch Connect Core fly line for your streamer or dry fly rod, or anything else that may get your through the day like killer Missouri River flies.

Izaaks’ closes for the season on the 26th. This coming Sunday. So come on out one more time for a good rack of Ribs and a cocktail.

No worries. Joe’s Bar is open 365 days a year.

See you soon in Craig!


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