Missouri River Late September Fishing Report

Missouri River Late September Fishing Report

Missouri River Late September Fishing Report

Pretty good on the river this week. Nymphing is categorized in the rockstar area. Pretty good

The blind dry fly game is coming on as well.

The headhunting is pretty damn good in the afternoon with the advent of BWO hatches.

The streamer fishing is getting rolling in good order.

The 2 handed TroutSpey game is gaining speed too!

Missouri River Late September Fishing Report

If you did not get what you need from above then keep reading.


The nymphers have been getting it done long and short. Most are starting at 4′-5′ from bobber to split shot with a worm, weight fly, big PT with a tungsten bead, Hare’s Ear, October Caddis Pupa, or what you like for the top fly. We like wighted along with a split shot to get it to the trout rapidly…while keeping it there fro a s long time.

The key to catching fish is to get the fly to the fish as quickly as possible and keep it there a long time. Something I read in a Field & Stream mag when I was kid and forgot about it for 20 odd years.

In the PM  most are shortening it up and rocking the Short Leash. Remove the split shot and get on board with your morning top fly and finish it off with something small falling into the mayfly arena. Any of those slender and sexy BWO nymphs can get it done. The Pearl LB has been really quite good as of late.

Dry Fly Fellas

The most popular is the cripple. For both the fish and the anglers. Any of your Harrop CDC laden patterns, hair winged flies, or the poly winged versions. All good. Toss the one you like. 18’s and 20’s get it done. Bigger if you are targeting the Callibaetis feeding trout.

Afternoons are the best time. As early as noon but m0re likely the bugs come after 2pm. Be at your spot by 3 pm for the best of the bite.

Water Temps and Flows

Missouri River Late September Fishing Report

Looking good on the drop of the water temps. We like the direction. The next big event is a mega big BWO hatch. the big ones are coming. Soon? No, not really. But we like to think they may be on the horizon. Probably more like October. Mid October.

Water flows are 3750cfs. Not too bad. Weeds? Not too bad. They are on the release though so if you fish downriver you may find your self into them big time!

Headhunters Fly Shop is open daily with all you may need for the day or week. All the warm clothes for the cool weather and all the sun protection for the sunny weather we will be seeing Sunday and into the coming week.

Good times here on the Mo. Book your fall trip today. We fish it strong through Thanksgiving. Only the hard core anglers are in the mix beginning in November.

Does that group include you?


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