Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

Monday on Montana’s Missouri River and all is well. The flows are hovering around 8000cfs and the water temps are 43.5F.

The bugs are here and more are hatching daily. The dry fly weather is suspect as the air temps are rising and while we did not have an early Spring it seems to have shown up now. 73F for a high today. We like that.

Some water will come from the mid level melting that will surely occur the next few days. We will see some water come through the Dearborn, not much from the LPP. Stickney and Sheep Creek are usually unaffected.

The bugs though. They are excited about the warmer weather. We should see continued improvement in the hatch volume as the next few weeks come to pass.

Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

The nymphing the last few days has been difficult. You may see rosy reports elsewhere, but they may be seeing fishing through Easter colored glasses. While it has not been red, or even white hot, the fishing is good enough to keep the net wet. Are we catching them at our normal rate? No. Still pretty good compared to other rivers when they drop off the chart. We are catching some, not a ton.

Many of the Rainbows are on the spawn, some are out of the river, some are just not interested in pink flies. They are busy procreating. More trout is good. Good times man.

The streamer bite continues to be slow. While a few fellers are catching a few not he bigger bugs, it is not super duper streamer fishing. Deep and slow is the ticket if you want to go that route. Tips, sink rates, weighted flies…see your local fly shop for more information.

Dry flies? Yes. Cluster midges, single midge, Buzzballs, RS2’s, BWO Cripples, BWO emerges, CDC Midges, para Adams, Smoke Jumpers, Nymen’s Crips, Harrop patterns. We got them all and the trout are ready for action. More daily. More and more tip we can make an honest afternoon out of dry fly fishing. Soon.

The flows should remain stable for a while. We are still monitoring the inflows, Canyon Ferry is 71% full and holding at that level-ish for the last ten days. We will see how the water managers play their hand. They are looking for normal water levels this summer.


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