Friday Foto Fishing Report 4.19.19

Friday Foto Fishing Report 4.19.19

I liked the Yes and No format earlier this week. It fits my rapid posting early morning style, and needs. So here we head into another Montana Weekend in downtown Craig. Love to see you!

Yes: Brown and gold streamers like the Kreelex. Or Sparkle Minow. Or olive flavored. Those are patterns that fish have been enjoying.

Yes: Deep. Get those streamers and swinging flies near the bottom. Or deeper in the lane. T-8 is the ticket. Intermediate tips or better for the streamer gang. Fish are coming off of the banks for the streamer fly. Hit and miss, but enough to keep you interested. Also Brown or Olive Skiddish Smolt has been a producer.

No: Fast and Sexy looking banks. Not good for nymphing. But some fish have been lured from them on the strip.

Deep: Nymphs need to be deep and in the slot. Find it. Fish it. Live it. Test on Monday.

Dry Fly Fellers: Not yet. Have not seen the first BWO yet. But it is in the near future. A few Skwalas, occasionally lots of midge. Not much to look at on the surface. Really too high for daily success. Keep dreaming. The dry fly days are coming…in May.

Split Shot: B or BB. Or better. Deep man.

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Yes: Izaak’s open 4-9.

No: Trout Shop Cafe not open.

No: Taco Shack not open.

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