Sunday Morning Fishing Report Headhunters Style

Sunday Morning Fishing Report Headhunters Style

Ever use a hook sharpener? A good idea if you want to increase your hook-up rate. A cheap investment for a giant return. Write it off as an investment in your fly fishing year.

While cooler yesterday than the high on Friday of 49F today may bring some scattered snow showers. Or not. We do know that the week ahead is forecast for much warmer afternoon temps than the week before.

Sara said correctly today the last couple years the winter has been confined to cold and wet November December months and then sometime in January…Spring!

She’s right. We’ll winter return to central Montana winters soon. After this unseasonable next couple weeks.

Lots of boat traffic on Saturday, meaning 10+, with bank anglers roaming around as well. Today will be similar with some at home for Championship Sunday.

Most of the HH staff teams have lost but there is unfortunately a Bronco’s fan around. I guess Ben Hardy is a Patriots fan. So a few dogs in the race still.

The general pink flies are working. Swingers are getting them. Clouser’s are leaving the bins rapidly. The slender streamer is pretty sexy.

Sunday Morning Fishing Report Headhunters StyleWater levels are up in the last week plus at 3300cfs. We would like  a bit more water. But that is a fantasy unless we receive more snow in the hills. Historically 4800cfs is our winter average for this time of year. Historically means nothing really for today. The past averages out but the fact remains that we need more snow on the ground.

On the right you will see that the water temps have risen to 34.5F. The fish do like that increase. It breathes life into them. Sort of.

Good catch rates reported from anglers in and out of the shop. Above we stated the pink option. That is what is coming through from anglers. Not just me, or us, spouting forth generic winter bullshit. While some of that is true, we cannot take all of the credit.

Try writing a daily report in the winter. No fly changes for 5 months. We get damn fired up over a 1 degree water temp change. Sad.

Sunday is here. Enjoy it. Stop in for your shuttle. Fly help. All the coolest stuff from SIMMS, RIO, Echo, every size in the Hatch reel line, Headhunters Logo wear including the outstanding Craiglandia line, and a long list of winter fly fishing accessories for your Missouri River journey.

Shop open daily @ 8am.

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