Saturday Trout Spey Rainbow

Saturday Trout Spey Rainbow

John Kirk sent us some images from he and friend Nathan last week on the Mo.

Swung up a few he said. And per usual the Kreelex was the star he said.

He’ll be back again this winter he said.


The Weekend weather looks pretty sweet. I don’t think we will see as much snow as the east coast though. Snow threatening along with hi’s in the upper 30’s. Was 45F Friday afternoon.

The swingers are out there bringing some fish to hand. The nymphers are doing really well. The water temp came up a degree recently and the fish do react favorably.


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  • They are stupidly fat right now.
    What time of year do you guys think the rainbows are at their fattest, you know, beyond being filled with eggs?

  • Nathan they are the fattest before the spawn. Winter and spring is the period when the ‘Bow puts on weight. And lots of it. Yes, winter Rainbow are quite healthy! As you stated, Stupidly Fat!

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