On track, for now.

On track, for now.

Looking normal out there, around here, following a normal seasonal path here in central Montana. Elsewhere on this earth, on both our our coasts, not as much normalcy happening.

The chart above the prediction for the water year ahead. All the current data, juggled, compressed, and spit out in a chart. But this is a guess. The chart above.

The chart below is what has happened year to date. Actual data. Yes. That certainly has something to do with the seasonal outcome, but does not do much in predicting the future. Nope. But is colorful for sure.

If I have learned anything in the past 30 years it would be that nothing is impossible. Take last water year. Desperately low headed into 2022. Continued low through the spring, until late spin when the weather stayed cold, rained and snow a bit, manifesting a late and decelerated run-off period that saved our summer. Montana’s summer. From awful drought conditions to an average water year.

2011 brought us huge water. The 3 previous years did as well. I believe it was 2011 that was pretty dry as we headed into spring. And then, it started raining. And did not stop. Nearing 30,000 cfs in June. That is big water. Un-real unpredictable outcomes.

Summer 1997 was equally as entertaining. Dry in the spring. Then, rain. For something like 40 days and 40 nights. Did not need an ark, but did need some good knee high boots!

That is the Monday Update from Trout HQ in downtown Craig Montana. Proving that predicting the future is certainly futile for trout bums. And weather guessers too. Ouija board shit for sure?!?! Click for a comprehensive article about water management, fantasy,  and the harsh reality of reality.

Quick fishing and administrative updates…

Anglers on the water this past weekend. Really the first week with traffic since early November. Average winter daytime temps and if the wind stays away you should find some nice trout fishing around. Swingers abound with nymphers peppering the upper river. A few noses out there too. A few.

Hiring for 2023. Received a good stack of resumes already. Started the interview process today. Hiring period continues for another 6 weeks, historically. If you want a change in your lifestyle, career, chi, or environment look us up this year. Hiring for seasonal and potential full time employees. Most of our guides worked for Headhunters in some other capacity before becoming full time fishing guides here on the MO. A great place to embed your teeth in all things trout. Love to hear from you! email mark@headhuntersflyshop.com

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