Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

These rule. $279 for a high quality welded seam wader.

Yes, no stitching, no binding, no leaking.

Lightweight, as easy an in and out wader on the market, and bombproof.

The zippered model arrives in the store in a couple weeks for a mere $425. Killer price for a fully optioned wading product.

Come in a try these on. You will just love them.

Been a while since you looked at an Orvis Product?

Well, it’s time to look again.


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  • Totally agree.
    Bought my silversonics when in New York only a few weeks ago, and they are so super comfortable you forget you are wearing waders.
    They feel more like a comfy pair of your favourite pants…awesome.

  • FireGirl_Jess
    March 5, 2014 8:25 am

    Sweet, thanks SOL!  (And this damn winter has me at my wit’s end too…. ready for Olukai flips and a sunburn.)

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