Outdoor Retailer 2013

Outdoor Retailer 2013 is full of energy. Outdoor products from all over the world for the entire world have come to Salt Lake City for the annual summer extravaganza.

Headhunters is here in force checking out the new products for the upcoming year. John, Julie, Sara, and Mark will be in attendance for another 24 hours and then making the trek up I-15 to Craig on Saturday for our famous Headhunters BBQ’s. Yep tomorrow night after 4pm we will be behind the grill firing out some terrific kosher dogs and handing out Izaak’s drink chips. We’ll see you in Craig!

While John attended the ICAST/Fly Tackle Dealer show a couple weeks ago he is certainly more excited about the energy and the feel of this show. The fly fishing show, commonly known as IFTD, has dropped the ball and is losing touch with its dealers. This Outdoor Retailer show is where the fun, the products, and the people are making it happen.

And we are happy to glean some of the positive vibes @ OR infusing that feeling into Headhunters Fly Shop!

I could not agree more with John in stating that the feeling here is one of hope and excitement. Ninch and Mark went to International Fly Tackle Dealer last year in Reno. While they enjoyed the opportunity to view the new rods, flies, tippets, fly floatants, and clothing…Squeeky also believes that this kicks ass over that show.

Just more cool energy. Way more. Way more smiles too.

For 3 days the Headhunters Team have weaved in between tents, water bottle distributors, knives, Thermos’, footbeds, waterproof smartphone cases, hammocks, outdoor promotion agencies, mapmakers to get to the stuff we really enjoy. The fly fishing stuff.  It really is cool to see what the industry is doing and where they are heading. We are certainly encouraged!

Outdoor Retailer has got it together and we have truly enjoyed witnessing and taking the trek down to SLC to digest the fishing product future.

We truly believe that to not only be a part of the industry you have to participate in the industry. Business, fly fishing, fun…all 3 important factors in not only our but your success on and off the water.

Will you see the knowledge from SLC in the store soon? Some soon, some this fall, and certainly more cool stuff for the upcoming 2014 fishing season.

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