Overcomplicating. Andy speaks on the blog today

Overcomplicating. Andy speaks on the blog today

Overcomplicating. A trap so easy to get caught in while fishing a technical tailwater like the Missouri River as we move from late summer into autumn.

Fish simple patterns with impeccable drifts instead of stressing yourself out about matching a hatch. A very good presentation with not exactly the right bug is better than the right bug with a bad drift. A very good drift this time a year, for example, with a simple Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear (GRHE) is more effective than people could imagine.

Struggling to get fish to eat? What is one of the most common food sources for fish in this river? Leeches…simple leeches bouncing off the bottom are one of the most abundant trout snacks here. Yet people overlook them because of the “technicality” of the river.


Look for fishy deep buckets and heads on the flats. Don’t stress about matching the hatch perfectly, focus on getting a good drift first cast, and controlling the line. When all else fails, bounce crawfish and leech patterns off the bottom or throw small streamers, or even dead drift them. Why? No matter what bugs are in the column, this time of year you will always find craws, leeches, and small baitfish present.

The fishing is solid right now, but will eat up a good angler when they overcomplicate.


Ed Note: Thanks Andy. Great advice. Go back to the basics and focus on the simple things. 


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