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HEADHUNTERS SAYS Longtime custom rod maker Gary Anderson is one of the most noted spey rod designers in the Pacific Northwest, and his Nova series rods have been some of our most popular Trout Spey rods for the last two seasons. Last spring, Gary began the introduction of his new Nova 2 series. Revamped with new graphite technology and built with super precise ferrules. We like the Nova 2 series even more than the originals ( which we loved!), and our customers do as well. Silky smooth and light in the hand, these rods feel and perform like rods costing twice as much, and easily outcompete the most expensive rods on the market. From an appearance and build standpoint, they are arguably the nicest rods on the market, with top-shelf components and hand wrapped in Oregon. Gary has more trout spey models than the rest of the industry put together, and was one of the very first to design spey rods specifically for trout.  Take one of our demos out on the river and you will see why Anderson Custom Rods (ACR) are so highly regarded.

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10' 8" #2, 11' #3, 11’ 3” #4


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