RIO Powerflex and Flouroflex Plus Tippet


ALERT: RIO is going to run out of some of the most popular sizes of Powerflex and Floroflex Tippet this summer, due to supply chain issues related to COVID-19. Hopefully stock will be available by August. If you must have RIO We suggest you buy it when you see it, and maybe get a little backup!

HEADHUNTERS SAYS RIO Tippet is the industry standard, used by more anglers than any other tippet and leader material. Flouroflex Plus (30m) is one of our favorite fluorocarbon tippet materials, possessing tremendous strength and abrasion resistance, perfect for fishing small double nymph rigs. Powerflex Plus (50m) is a nylon material, with more stretch and suppleness than Flourocarbon. We like to use it for dry fly fishing, and it is more economical than Flouroflex.

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Powerflex Plus, Flourorflex Plus


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