Pull a bend into the rod

Pull a bend into the rod

That’s what you do.

You pull a bend into the rod.

Think about that one today. Just that one thought. How do you pull a bend into the rod?

I can give you a hint. You don’t push a bend into the rod.

You pull, a bend, into, the, rod.

Now you do it.

Pull a bend into the rod. Pretty important if you want to progress in the casting game.

Pull a bend onto the rod.

Pull a bend into the rod
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  • Please tell me what kind of rod that is.

  • Great piece here Mark – a slippery concept for some anglers to understand. Line tension ie pulling on that line helps that rod load ….. and it flexes……we can feel that rod flex. The only thing a fly rod naturally wants to do is straighten.

  • Richard Raisler
    August 27, 2020 1:01 pm

    Beganing casters need to be introduced to this concept on day one. ” Pull the line” “Pull a bend onto the rod”.

  • Best quote of the summer “Would you try to push a rope?”. Wish someone would have given me that concept 35 years ago. Thanks Mr. Raisler

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