Rally on the Rivers Support I-186

Rally on the Rivers Support I-186

Rally on the Rivers!

Care about Montana streams, rivers, and clean water? On Saturday, August 25th, join supporters of I-186 who will be rallying and floating on exactly what I-186 is going to protect, Montana’s precious clean water.

Come join us on either the Yellowstone, Clark Fork or Missouri Rivers and show your support for responsible mining and clean water for all. We will meet at 1pm and launch at 2pm from Sha-Ron FAS on the Clark Fork, Sweetwater Fly Shop on the Yellowstone and Wolf Creek Bridge FAS on the Missouri. Bring your boat, tube, SUP, kayak, canoe, arm floaties or whatever else you can float on and show that Montanan’s support I-186!

Learn more about this important effort to better protect our Montana waters at the launch sites, as well as by visiting www.yeson186.org or the Yes for Responsible Mining Facebook page.  

Spend a few hours on the water for this important cause.  It’s free, fun, and future generations will thank you.  Bring family, friends, and anything that floats.

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  • Red Boat Mark
    August 23, 2018 8:59 am

    Also, bring with you a plan to reduce your daily consumption/use of mined materials.

    • Well said RBM. Hard to have it both ways. All issues we as corpulent American’s have to wrestle with. As I write this utilizing mined mat’s in this phone/laptop…

  • Miners want us to believe this is a job killing bill….and it stops minning. Not true…all it does is say the minders will pay for their clean up and not the tax payers of montana…which is the history of our state

  • Oh, and thanks for posting this

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