SIMMS Wader Repair Video

SIMMS Wader Repair Video: How to

Your waders leaking? Shouldn’t you get them ready for fall? Did you think to remind yourself of how freaking cold you were this past spring with that leak above your knee. Those wet feet? That laceration in your…

Yep. Whether you rock the only wader made in America, SIMMS, or you run an Orvis or other brand you outghtta get on the stick and send them in for repair. OR watch the video and repair them yourselves.

A good Autumn project in your garage or patio.

Swing Session is on the horizon. Make sure you have your waders in good repair!

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  • Simms does an awesome job of repairing their waders. Both feet in mine were leaking on the seams, and they completely replaced both booties. Quick too.

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