Snow Is Gone! Sunday Good Times Video

It is definitely springtime. Blue-wings and March Browns are river wide. Caddis have begun to appear. The Caddis Fest is over.

This image in front of there shop is not today…no not at all. It is quite nice as the rains of yesterday have passed.

A song that I have been listening to these last few weeks is “Snow is Gone” by Josh Ritter. It’s a good springtime song. A great line from it is “I’m singing for the love of it, have mercy on the man who sings to be adored.” Hopefully we’re all fishing this week for the same reason – our love of it.

Everyone enjoys a good fish story, but that’s not why we do it. So don’t worry so much about getting the perfect picture of the big one, and remember why you’re standing in the river in the first place. And have mercy on the man or woman who’s out there to be adored.

This holiday weekend let’s get out there and celebrate spring together.


Josh Ritter, Snow is Gone, video
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