Rainbow Czech Nymph Tying Video JAV

Rainbow Czech Nymph Tying Video JAV


The legendary Rainbow Czech was popularized on the Missouri River by the crew at Headhunters. Works every day of the year. We’ve put together this Rainbow Czech Nymph Fly Tying kit that will allow you to tie up 2 dozen flies for your next fishing trip.

This fly is tied on to so many fishermen on the Missouri it will boggle you mind. Blown man.

Tie it up in sizes 10-20 for all season, shoot all year long, angling success.

Many anglers use this fly pattern, or a derivation thereof, as the lead fly in the quite popular “Short Leash Nymping” style. With the Tungsten Bead this fly puts you right in there Zone!

Our JUST ADD “VISE” fly tying kits are super popular and this one is no different. These kits are designed for tyers who have grasped the basic moves of fly tying, and are priced just as if you bought the materials individually. The package comes with everything needed to tie 2 dozen flies, and has a material list included so you can re-supply when needed. You can watch our short “how-to” videos if you need help with a step or two. These are just fantastic, and are great for those camped out on the Missouri River. Just make sure you have your vice, scissors and bobbin. If not, we have that stuff as well!

Order this and a few others for your Holiday tying session. Then visit us on the Mo for the best December treat you could ever dream of.

It’s gonna snow again tomorrow…perfect.


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