Louis Armstrong and What a Wonderful World today on the HH Blog

Louis Armstrong and What a Wonderful World today on the HH Blog

Up and down weather this past week. A strange winter, world, week?! It is all wonderful as we creep past the New Year and wander into the year of ’22.

Water dances along with bustin’ out the snow jig has left us with some white surroundings and hope for the spring that we may have a bit more water this annum.

Pretty sloppy here on the river. Lots of shelf ice, lots of slush, rotten conditions for getting to the river and difficult shoreline navigation will greet you if you do want to take a peek at the river.

At the dam you could get in, and row around. Cold water temps and PINK flies along with painfully slow drifts coupled with the most minute delicate eats you can imagine.

And that is winter in the canyon.

What a Wonderful World. You bet. We love it.

Enjoy the last football weekend planning your week ahead. Why not call up and old friend, a relative you have not spoken with for some time, and pass along the Wonderful World vibe.

And say “I love you, and you are important to me.” Smiles created for both parties…and that is good for you constitution.

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  • Mark,

    I took your advice and called up my nephew. “Hey, nephew, I love you and you are important to me.” Reopened a door that was closed for awhile. Hope to see you this season.

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