Fish Smoker Friday

Fish Smoker Friday

Been smoking cheese and fish for a couple weeks now.

I always feel, near the end of the month long smoking session, that I have got ‘er dicked. I have it figured out. I am on, in the zone, firing on all cylinders.

Until I watch videos like this one from ACME Fish in Brooklyn. This cat is on his game.

Was in NYC the summer and graced the smoked fish counter at Zabars on the Upper West Side a couple times.

Dreamy. Got lots of smoked fishes. And soft cheeses. And fresh baked French bread. And ate it up.

Enjoy your weekend. Looks pretty good on the Mo. Thursday was dead calm and overcast. Friday? Today? Good as well. Saturday good. Sunday snow.

I’ll be at home smoking more fish. Halibut this weekend. Brined and smoked. Then mixed into a salad for life on a cracker.

And I had to put in this killer cheese vid…

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  • Thanks Mark, cool stuff

  • For many decades a lady named Karla smoked and sold salmon and other fish types on the opposite end of the continent in Rockaway Beach OR. The Rock Cod was the best. Her operation was smaller in scale, but still substantial. She started as a young girl and stayed with it well into her senior years. She is now smoking fish in the great beyond. Still miss that little shop on the side of 101.

  • FlyFinaticLou
    December 6, 2019 1:24 pm

    I hate you Mark . . .why you gotta keep bringing up (my) childhood memories like that ? There I was reading and anticipating a Helena Acme Co., then BAM . . . NYC, ha ha ha ha ha . . . is that enough “laughing”? Any good Queens (Mets) or Bronx (Yanks) joints you got stored up to share, if for no else but . . . me ? Thank you . . . Very Merry Holiday Season to ALL & especially You Guys & Gals at the HH !

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