Craig MT Spring Snow

Spring Craig Saturday Snow

Spring Craig Saturday Snow

Snowing pretty hard this morning in Craig. In north central Montana.

Spring in the Rockies. Will snow through the evening. This coming week we will see more of the same.

Plodding along here in Craig. Keeping it real. Staying at home.

Remember to keep on practicing that cast. Watch the newsletter and the blog for updates on sales, Montana Covid info, and fun too. Stay strong today. Drink beer or two in the garage.

We are gonna go shovel some snow!


Spring Craig Saturday Snow
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  • Snow in Craig Evokes Memories
    Truly beautiful. Best memory
    Blinding June snowstorm on firehole river with two fanatic friends with #18 BWO hatch… beautiful fish caught but
    It was the magic of becoming part of the landscape, but not just an observer of Gods grander canvas but in fact a welcomed piece of the puzzle … we belonged and all continued around us as if we were not there, as if we heard the tree that feel the day before when no one was there

    I could feel the love the peace of that creek and how it needs you every bit as much as you need it, it is more complete in snowstorm with you catching that beautiful piece of God; without you that snowstorm is merely an event of nature but with you the creek gives and receives your presence and the canvas that god intended is so completed; but the act of flyfishing is not the completion god requests and grants, it is the peace in your heart , the respectful tone of your voice , the presence of gratitude that God desires to be the final brush stroke; without all of that the creek is merely a creek waiting…. asking… hoping… and with faith if it keeps its liquid offering moving with peace …. it will capture the heart of someone seeking the same it produces …peace calm beauty… it is there right in front of us all, god is not hiding it…

    Yea drugs lack sleep. True memories

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