Squeeky's Caddis Box

Squeeky’s Caddis Box Part 2 | Missouri River Caddis Patterns

More from Squeeky today and a look into his nasty caddis box. The cool shit for sure.

About half of these flies actually tied by Squeeky himself. Now you can clearly see that neither writing nor fly tying are strengths of his.

He must have some positive talents? Maybe.

Squeeky’s Caddis Box Part 2

  • Upper left quarter: MFG’s, some Steinmetz softies, BH Diving Caddis, and some probably rusty BH Softies. Mostly browns and rusty browns in that region. A good subsurface caddis flavor for the entire summer. Tan would be the other color I love.
  • Middle left center: More diving patterns, a few LaFontaines Pupa’s, a few Radical Caddis from Umpqua, and random softies again. Some badly tied pupa’s from at least 15 years ago. And a few in the 20 year range. Tied poorly, still working. The beauty of subsurface caddis flies!
  • Bottom left right: Mostly soft hackles of variable coloration’s. Some dubbed, some ribbed, some wired, some tubed…

So, the left side full of garbage that the Missouri River trout love. If I think I need to make something happen, I get this box out and start browsing.

  • Top right: Spents, para spents, skittering caddis. Dead stuff is terrific on this resource. Fish the dead stuff with confidence and you will be rewarded. Fish will move out of their lane for tasty morsels like a spent caddis. All of the blank spots in this box were spents, Buzzballs, and Translucent Pupa’s.
  • Middle right: Z Wings, Radical Caddis, a variety of Silvey’s Pupa, LaFontaines Deep Sparkle’s, X Caddis, some pupa’s, Partridge Winged Spents…
  • Bottom right: Green Ryhacophilla’s, glass beaded pupa’s, some LaFontaines Sparkle Pupa’s, softies, Bloom’s Tung Darts, and some Z Wings Amber.

All good stuff in this complete box of Squeeky’s. Yep a bunch of productive garbage for the Missouri River in central Montana.

Any of this shit tied off of a dry, swung behind a Beadhead, or just drifted into hungry trout mouths.

We would usually refer to the 1st Squeeky’s Caddis Post, but it is long gone. So enjoy, or not, this one…part 2.

Remember: Lots of ways to skin cats. Lots.


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