Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.31.13

The weather is the story today and this week. Getting cooler and more seasonable temperatures will be gracing us for the near future.

As for the fishing? Good. Not the best of the year, but strong.

Missouri River Fishing Report

A few options for you as anglers. Fish the Dam. Row around and catch a pile, or at least some, on nymphs. Smallish flies are the rule. A bigger caddis pupa can lead the attack and work well. Some are tossing double Zebra’s, and you cannot fault them for that decision. A true winner 12 months of the year.

As for those who like to travel further downstream, Wolf Creek is the answer for most. Technical Dry Fly is the word. You can also get some techy dry stuff at the dam, but be aware of boats rowing around, and over your rising fish. It happens and you must understand the dam game before you attempt such delicate feats.

Back to WC. Find some in the morning shade. Find some sipping the Trico Dun. Then the spinner. Some PMD activity will occur, if you’re a lucky sort, and then the caddis.BE prepared to change flies and techniques as the feeding behaviors change sometimes by the minute. Refer to the first cast article by Bob Glassen here for more info in regards to this concept.

The Craig and below stretches are quiet. Try it. You may like it. Really, think about it.

The weeds are never as bad as many claim and the water temps are not out of line. So most of the bullshit you hear at the water cooler is just that. Pure Bullshit. Call us if you need some re-assurance 406-235-3447 for the honest skinny.


What day are you coming? Let us know how we can help. While a few of us are gone in SLC for the Outdoor Retailer Show, the shop is fully staffed with top notch fly fishing personalities. Stop by for advice about flies from Ninch, bookings with Jess, general BS from Travis…

Shop open daily for all kinds of cool stuff for the Missouri River. See the new Derek DeYoung Pint glasses, hats, and stickers. They are super cool!

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