Storm Coming this weekend. Friday too. Saturday morning, still raining.

Thunderstorms and lightening and all that comes with the mayhem here in Montana.

Got some precipitation with these random and rolling storms. We could do without the lightening.

Bring your raingear in the boat, on your back, or in the rig. You may just need it this weekend.

Due for some new rainwear? Stop by the funnest fly shop in the valley, Headhunters, and gear on up. You will certainly be drier this fall. New raingear is like new socks. Well, maybe.

Rained all night long here in Craig, and maybe more today. Heavy rain at times, but this morning light rain. Reminded me of 87% of my childhood growing up north of Seattle.

The river likes this moisture. Like a breath of fresh air for Mother Mo.

The trout angling is good. Good for early September. We generally do not have the dry fly success that we are having right new…spoils of summer? It won’t reach 80F til Tuesday. Hoorah! That blazing ball of fire drives a feller nuts if it hovers too long. I don’t think the trout dig it wither with the inability to rock killer Smith ChomoPop Shades.

A nice tome to be here, September is. Quiet waters with the solace that you need.

Happy Saturday. Do something you enjoy today. You deserve it!

Storm Coming
The majestic Wolf Creek Bridge

Squeeky’s Saturday Words of  Wisdom: Be aware of the pressure points and make you float decision wisely…

Need more for this Saturday? Check out Headhunters sites like these


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