Saturday Scenery – Where Would You Like to Be?

Throwback to our buddy Jon Yousko trying to entice some Tarpon West of Key West. Why not go somewhere warm this month?

Comment below if you have any suggestions for Headhunters Nation. A great guide, best apres’ fishing spot, easiest and cheapest, DIY, blow up your buddies secret spot, whatever. Just make sure its warm…

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  • Terry Armstrong
    December 8, 2018 7:23 pm

    Why not go somewhere warm this month? You really want to know? I’m paying an electrician $500 to fix the what ever that was screwed up by the branch that fell off the tree that I am paying $2000 to be cut down and then there is the washing machine I am replacing that just crapped out on me and since the washer and dryer are both 30 years old i am replacing the dry as well $1000 because it is probably going to crap out on me soon as well. I have $4000 in savings so this leaves me with $500 to pay for whatever. Thank god I live close to the best fly fishing river in the U.S. and my credit is still good at Headhunters fly shop. Oh yea and I just ran out of bourbon. I do still have a full bottle scotch and plenty of cigars so I will survive at least the next week or two. Merry Christmas to all at Headhunters.

  • Belize…get your blue water on…San Pedro town

  • Steve Ruszczyk
    December 10, 2018 8:08 am

    Ascension Bay, Mexico. Nice water, chase some permit and bones. Have a few tacos, some seafood, good range of adult beverages…….

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