Sunday Silly Brown Trout Scenery

Sunday Silly Brown Trout Scenery

Sunday Silly Brown Trout Scenery

Fished out fo town this last week.

Big Hole. Fun times. Cool place.

Fished size 20 Trico’s.

Thought I would head over to the freestone side with big fluffy flies. Turns out the Big Hole has a ton of Trico fishing as well. Had to get back to my keen tiny fly state of mind. Thankfully I got that game.

Did toss a Spruce Moth as well. That got a few. A Bloom’s Caddis was not too terrible. And a Purple Haze. Fun stuff!

Happy Sunday. Summer is not over. But we are turning our attention to the Autumn Missouri River period. Great nymphing ahead!

But the Trico’s and ants and hoppers will keep our plate full for another moth as well.

It is really fishing well here on the Mighty Mo. The spoils of a strong water year.

Give us a shout if you need any help planning your impromptu Missouri River trip. Or your September or October excursion upcoming. We got it all in Craig!

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