Sunday Summer Bugs by Longoria

Sunday Summer Bugs by Longoria

Sunday Summer Bugs by Longoria

All you need moving forward this summer is the list put together by Peter Longoria at the shop.

A few standouts that Peter listed include the Trico RS2, Stenerson’s CFO Ant, Tungsten Translucent Pupa, Grape Slushy, and Burk’s Spent Hopper.

Some wind in the area, and it can make the dry fly cast difficult for many.

Wind Rule #1: Think of the physics of the cast. The physics of the cast do not change because it is windy. Nope. The only thing you change to cast into and around and in the wind…IS NOTHING.¬†

Wind Rule #2: Change Nothing. See Rule #1.

Wind Suggestion #3:¬†Practice casting in the wind. It’ll do you a solid.

Wind Suggestion #4: Try muscling it. Try casting it faster. Or a rounder convex motion with your rod tip. Fast and hard. And it helps to get your hand way above your shoulder too…No, not really. Don’t do that. It does not work. Even if you try it 67X in a row. What makes you think it will work on attempt the 68th time? Trust me, I’m a guide.

Sunday. Trico’s. PMD’s. Spruce Moths. Caddis. Callibaetis. Ants. Hoppers. Start with those. Should be enough to get you going out there. Enjoy the last part of the weekend.

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  • Let’s be honest, I pity the person that has to tie a double parachute cluster midge in size 18 and splay the translucent wings and microfibbet tail. Any other similar patterns that are a good substitute here? Are there times when the fish show a preference to the female vs male duns/spinners? Thanks much.

    • Quigley’s Cluster Midge. CDC Griffith’sGnat. Paracluster. Para Adams. Male Spinners get the most play. Yes, gotta make that decision on the run. Sometimes female driven. Royal Wulff. H & L Variant. LaFontaine Buzzballs. Rusty Spinner. And on and on and on and on…

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