Swedes in Montana. Again.

Swedes in Craig MT. Again.

Ulf and his cast of thousands was in Craig for a couple visits on the Montana tour.

Then Stefan was back in Craig with Martin again for his 5th visit. I think.

We see a number of Japanese guests on the river every year.

Simon straight outta the UK was here for his second stay in as many years.

The Canadians visit often. Really quite often as they escape the cold in the winter and take their fishing up one notch leaving the Bow behind and drifting down to the Mo frequently. Too many of these guys to mention but Peter immediately comes to mind. International destination? Yep.

Swedes in Craig MT. Again.

Visitors from the four corners of the earth come on out to prove themselves on the world class Missouri River.

Do they fish the Madison when they come? Yes. How about the Henry’s Fork. Yep. The spring creeks in Livingston MT. Sure. Do they love the Missouri River more than the rest? Certainly.

Consistency is key for year after year successes and we can definitely boast that trend. A facet of our great river that many cannot claim. None really.

Am I biased? Oh quite certainly.

I am so surprised at my amazement of the trout that come to the fly, come to the hand on this river. Year after year I could not be happier that I am able to be here, here fly fishing Montana’s Missouri River. A river that you can hon your fly fishing skills on. Shoot, improve if you want. It is a river that never gets too easy. It is a river that is built for all skill sets. It is a a resource that all can enjoy whether you are fishing or not.

Beginners to experts enjoy each and every twist and bend of the Missouri River. We have a couple more months of strong visitors here in Craig. I’m sure we will see anglers from all over the states and some regions outside of the U. S. of A. Bring it.

We love meeting guests new to the river and to Montana. If we have already met we look forward to seeing you again and if not we certainly look forward to greeting you here in Craig.

Swedes in Craig MT. Again.
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