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Take a Kid Fishing Photo Contest

Take a Kid Fishing Photo Contest

Headhunters Fly Shop is hosting a “Take a Kid Fishing” photo contest on our Facebook page. The contest will run for a week from today until next Monday, July 24.

The winner will receive a free Echo Gecko fly rod package that comes with a reel and fly line. This rod was generously donated by Rajeff Sports. Echo/Rajeff are brands that we love here at Headhunters.

How to Participate

To win the rod, visit our Facebook page. If you haven’t already, please “like” our page. You will find the contest post pinned to the top of our page. In the comments section of the ¬†post, share your favorite image with the theme of “take a kid fishing.” Please share only one image.

Our shop staff and guides will select our favorite photo and the winner will be announced next Monday, July 24. You have until Sunday night to submit your photo.

If you win, we’ll contact you via social media to collect shipping information. Headhunters Fly Shop will pay all shipping costs.

The Echo Gecko

Everybody at Headhunters loves the Echo Gecko rod. We have mentioned it on our blog many times in the past here, here, and here. Here are some of the reasons why we love this rod:

  • The medium-fast action is very forgiving when fish aren’t given the chance to run. If a kid clamps down on the line, the rod doubles over on itself and hangs onto the fish.
  • It has a narrow grip well suited for smaller hands.
  • The fighting butt allows for two-handed roll casting and helps smaller anglers fight larger fish.
  • It looks rad. Enough said.

It is the perfect rod for introducing kids to the sport. A lot of us started fishing with junky rods that got handed down by people who did not want them anymore. Because they were junk. Junky rods are not the way to get kids excited and in love with the sport.

If you want your kids to love fly fishing as much as you do, why not put the perfect tool in their hands?

ECHO Gecko
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