Tax Day Fishing Report 4.15.23

Tax Day Fishing Report 4.15.23

Flows falling a bit to 5400 cfs with water temps climbing to nearly 38F today. Looks like the temps rising 1/4 to 1/2 degree per week. BWO’s on the surface at 42F plus. So a longer wait than we are ever desiring.

Air temp normal for this time of year beyond the weekly snow storm. This week, yep. Last week, yes. Next week, more snow through the mid-week period.

Nymphing still what most are doing. Longer from bobber to fly with the water levels up. 5′-7′ is common. Pink is still the thing. Sows too. BWO nymphs beginning to move from the bins. Worms? You bet.

Color beyond the tributaries is negligible. Visibility at least 3′ as of publishing below Dearborn River. LPP is tossing some color as well, albeit very little.

Swingers picking up the pace with the water temp increase. Still glued to the Skagit System with medium weight tips in the slower back end locales. Leeches, patterns flashy and small, traditional buggers. Will lean towards soft hackles in the next couple weeks. Headhunters is your Trout Spey HQ.

The dry fly clan not too stoked, yet. Some variable midge surface action. Gotta look long and hard still for an invite. It is coming. Maybe.

The weather for the next week? Highs reaching the 40’s and creeping over the 50F mark. Snow showers along with sleet, glit, and plain old rain. Lows int he 30’s. Spring is gonna come. It usually does.

Guide trips out daily. 39+ Lodging available. Fly Shop open 8am.

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