Thanksgiving Holiday Week in Montana

Thanksgiving Holiday Week in Montana

Thanksgiving Holiday Week in Montana

Fishing all week long will be pretty terrific. Like John said a couple days ago the Swing Season is in full effect along with the catch rates pretty consistent. Calls all weekend long in regards to lodging in Craig for the Thanksgiving Holiday Week in Montana lodging.

Some fishing towards the dam side already but locals are still fishing the entire river. I’ve seen a few boats on the Cascade side as well. The canyon anglers are having great success nymphing. Inside bends are producing well as we keep in mind that the water temps are falling daily. Not terribly fast but that are on the decline for sure. 

That is why fishing in the next couple weeks is important for you and your late fall fishing successes. Look at the chart and you will see. Also, the water levels are currently 4360cfs. More swing water for sure. The increase will change the location of the swing water. I will not change the nymphing water too much though.

For those nymphers you gotta start looking inside the late fall lanes. Move closer to the bank, looking out as you would if you were a bank fisher. That is for those in the boat. For those on the bank, look for that slow soft lane that is 2′-4′ deep.

Get out your winter nymph boxes as we will be preaching the virtues of pink gaudy patterns for the next 4 months. Zebra’s and LGM’s still on the menu today, but not at Christmas.

Lodging open for the weekend ahead. Call today and get yourself a guide and some lodging. A rental boat? Or just wade fishing for you? We have all of those options available.

Open 8 til Noon on Turkey Day. 8-5 all weekend long. Remember to Fly Shop Small all holiday season, including this Saturday.

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  • plastic bottles? looked at the plastics and garbage problems in the oceans lately?

    • Yes, picked that bottle up on the side of the road. Stop every time I see garbage on the river and along side the road when roaming around wade fishing. It’s my personal instant action conservation work. The Kool-Aid pouch is mine, and yes it was delicious. Yes, we have looked at the issue and we have addressed it here at Headhunters by nearly eliminating plastic bottles from our daily routine. Using refillable metal water bottles and will continue to press onwards with the problem. I figure we saved thousands of water bottles alone in 2017. Thanks of pointing it out Mark. We do appreciate it.

      You didn’t mention how much you liked the post Mark. Just came right in as a hater bro’?

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