the Waking of a Trout Town

The Waking of a Trout Town. Craig Montana

The Waking of a Trout Town. Our favorite Trout Town.

Craig Montana USA.

Lots of movement this morning and last evening. We were in the shop tip 9pm…our latest this year.

The town is buzzing with trout anticipation.

Do you got it? The buzz? Or the anticipation? We got both.

Guide trips out daily from here on out. From here to eternity. From now until mid-November.

Calling in advance for lodging has now become a reality. Getting “your guide” requires some foresight and planning. Or just a phone call.

We have been crawling along through the snow and cold winter temps and winds and rains and such for the last month. The miserable month of March. We can nearly close the books on that lame chapter.

April will bring us and the river a new beginning. April will bring Izaak’s back into the nightly mix. It may bring a renegade BBQ here on Headhunters Porch too…

While many river and trout towns do not get revved up until July, here in Craig we are ready.

Lots of folks, most, believe that nothing happens during the off season in trout land. Not true. We need that 4 month period to get our ducks in a row, to renew the product lines, to improve our fly selection, to hire new additional staff, to rest, to plan, to prepare for the fun ahead.

Dry fly fishing has not arrived as of yet, but it to is close. Stay tuned to this very Blog Channel for constant and accurate and transparent updates.

Are you awake yet. Are you ready for your trout season to begin?


When you are we will be here smiling, drinking coffee beer welcoming you, the Missouri River Angler back home…


Headhunters Fly Shop open every day early and late. We got all your lodging here in Craig and the Missouri River Corridor. Open daily @ 8am and staying late tip at least 7pm. Shuttles daily, flies, info, coffee, and random trout facts you don’t necessarily need to know.

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