Thursday Fishing Report Montana's Missouri River

Thursday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Thursday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Flows headed to 3300cfs Saturday am. Currently 3990cfs.

Water temps crashing and below 58F, currently.

Nymphing very good. Variations of BWO nymphs, midge nymphs, bugger nymphs. Many already short, with the water dropping, most will be short. You like a large nymph selection? We do too. Headhunters has it.

Dry fly anglers off days can find a few to cast at. Keep creeping around and find more. And some days in the last couple weeks the rise has been strong. Tons of baby BWO’s, midge, occasional October Caddis and Callibaetis, that autumn tan size 16 caddis is about too. Get close on foot and make lots of perfect drifts. You’ll get ’em. Cripples are king. Emergers if you like the wet side of the hatch. Still finding success with midge clusters, Adams of all sizes and color variations, Stimulators and October Caddis patterns seeing some action. Come by and see our super selection of dry flies for this fabulous dry fly stream.

Got time to skip and skate the big orange around?

Streamer anglers are happy. Overcast skies, shallow waters and water temps that rev fish up. You like to fish the large meat type flies? This is your time. Smaller bugger type of feller? This is your time. Latest intel states dark flies. Of course, that could change. Some good success on the wet flies like Sparrow or Carey Special. October Caddis Soft Hackle stripped? .

Soft Hackle anglers coming tight. What a fantastic time of year to become intimate with the water and swing through some skinny waters. With the majority of guided anglers nymphing the available waters are great for wade fishing. Valhalla. Quite a good time to sneak around fishing the top few inches of water. Quietly. Silent killers.

Trout Spey anglers around as well. The time to be here if you dig. The best two months of the year ahead of us for the 2 handed crew. Come by the shop and get yourself new lines of the Skagit and Scandi variety. Leaders, tips, the only and best swing fly selection in the tri-county area, heads, rods, reels, accessories. We got it all for the trout spey angler here in Craig. Guide trips too! Call today to get not he calendar for fall 406-235-3447 ext 1.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 730am. See you this fall. Drop us a line if any questions about the next two months of superb fishing.


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  • Do like fishing soft hackles during fall transition. A favorite. Jolting strikes – you’ll know it! Actually, the hard strike feel is many times the result of that fish turning on a very light, quick moving SH on the swing. Keep your rod tip up a bit through the swing with a bow in your line from the water to rod tip during the swing to cushion that strike! Let the fish set the hook so to speak. A low rod with a quick strip strike can often result in a bent hook – game over. Or you snap the tippet or simply pull fly out of the fishs’ mouth. I mention this to help other SH junkies!! Took me a while to figure out why I was losing fish on the SH. Hope this helps.

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