Thursday Fishing Report Update

Thursday Fishing Report Update

Thursday Fishing Report Update

The feeder creeks have peaked and are falling. The mud coming from both LPP and the Dearborn do not matter enough to make any angler worth their weight in salt flinch. The fishing turned for the better Wednesday.

And that is good.

Winter flies along with winter/spring runs provided great nymph action on Wednesday. More to come today? The water will be headed up again this morning. The Dam Knob Controllers are threatening to move the flows up to 8500cfs.

That’ll make wade fishing nearly impossible unless you travel to the mid river flats by boat, or watercraft of some sort.

The fishing is good as of yesterday. We will see how the fish shake out with the movement of water. It may take few hours to get them to settle down.

Hot flies for the weekend ahead include the Firebead stuff, Pink stuff, Zebra’s…but mostly the gaudy fare. 6′-7’+ for your bobber to split shot measurement. Fish them deep, and in slow water.

As we mention daily here at the shop, on the river, and one our media outlets you gotta fish the soft insides for ultimate success. The sexy looking stuff is for summer and fall fishing. But, if you like that stuff, knock yourself out. Bring some other activity to keep you interested in the day, cause there ain’t as many fish on those banks right now.


So that is the most important info of this daily blog and fishing report. Fish the winter and spring water for success.

Swingers like heavy tip like T-8 and 2.5int-7.5T-8. Get those flies into the faces of those trout. Fish don’t eat flies they cannot see, or do not see, or are too far from reach. Not at 38F.

Give the fly some action too. You will be rewarded.

Streamer anglers are getting it done as well. A couple fish to hand per mile. Again, you gotta show it to them. Tips better than intermediate would be smart. You can add on a tip from Headhunters if you want to get deeper. OR come in and buy yourself a new streamer line. It’ll make you happy. And that is important. And it will shoot well. And it will make you happy! And that is important.

Dry fly dudes. Yes. Some fish rising to the midge out there. Soft boring pond like areas are best. The fish can be roaming, or plucking the midge delicately from the surface. Yes, they are out there. You gotta commit. The dry fly rewards come to those who have a load of patience.

A great weekend on tap for us here in Craig. Izaak’s open for the 2019 season! 4-9 pm thru Sunday. Next week Wednesday thru Sunday 4-9pm. The Trout Shop is not open for dinner. Lunches daily from Mo River Eats. Order it up and it will be delivered to Headhunters in the morning. Yum!

Lodging available at Discounted properties from as well. We host both sites and properties here in Craig. Call us today for your best selection of river nightly lodging options 406-235-3447.

The big weekend on Craig coming quickly. We will see you at Izaak’s for a cool cocktail and Ribs!

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 8-7 with Spring Special Guide Trips $400. Discounted spring lodging rates. The best in flies, baritone. Fun and friendly customer service, the coolest stickers on the river, sunscreen, warm hats, ranger, rental waders, rental drift boats, free coffee always, and cool trout fishing vibes man.


Thursday Fishing Report Update
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