Thursday Lowdown | Boz Scaggs

Damn cold still.

Will remain that way for the week, and maybe the coming week as well.

Snow on the ground, the roads are vacant.

Thursday Lowdown | Headhunters Style

Craig is vacant. When it gets this chilly…Montanans stay indoors.

Some may think travel is dangerous. Probably right.

The first big one of the year gets us back on the reality train.

Cancelled Headhunters Spey Clinic this Saturday the 7th. Rescheduled for the following Saturday, the 14th.

Still some killer stuff on sale. You’ll have to wade through a couple more sales blogs in the coming weeks. But why not buy some kick ass fly fishing products from your friends at Headhunters.

Free shipping all month long.

Some are hunting as the birds have arrived this week along with the frigid air temps. Some of the other impoundments are frozen forcing the waterfowl to our local stream. The Missouri River.

Been listening to the groovy 70’s all week long. Thought you should enjoy this Boz Scaggs tune from that funky era.

You don’t have to fish with any of the now funky fly fishing gear from that period.

That is the Thursday Lowdown.




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  • Rich Morrisey
    December 5, 2013 3:04 pm

    It’s five above and the fire is crackling. Thanks for sharing the Boz Lowdown. Just right. 

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