Tip ‘O the Day

Tip ‘O the Day

When Dry Fly Fishing on the Mo…Cast at the trout.


P.S. At their heads man. Not above them, 4′-19′. At them, cast at them, at their heads, at the trout, at them.


Dry Fly Tip
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  • Art Bartholomew
    June 25, 2023 4:36 am


  • This one seems … counter-intuitive. Any chance you can explain your reasoning?

  • I think he will tell you the fish move around a lot after each feed?

    • Nope. They do sometimes. Most of the time, they are in the same lane. And that is what I’m referring to here. Cast at the trout. Not above them, beside them. Cast at them. Do it.

      Cast at them, reach mend, the fly lands near, and above the trout 18″, drift it over the fish, strip in 3′, repeat. Good drifts near fish.

  • Mark Raisler
    June 27, 2023 7:27 pm

    Because if you don’t cast at them, you cast above them. And 6′-22′ above them does not work. Nobody can drift the fly that far on the Mo…appropriately.

    Those who cast above them, or to a different target, other than the trout, do not catch many. The drift length is not 22′. Never. Never. Ever. Never. Drift length needs to be as short as possible. Many times, the fish near the surface, very near, has a window of sight which is the size of a coffee saucer. So why you drift it 22′, to only expose the fly to the target/fish in a window of 6″, is beyond me.

    Those who cast above the trout many, many, many feet, do not use the net often.

    And, that is the real honest truth.

  • Do like this rant! Too many things go off the rails dropping a fly way above a fish – and have we noted it also wastes a lot of precious time…..? Oh …. News flash number 2 – long bomb casts with dry flies – forget it – can you really control that LEADER attempting to do this? No is the answer. Or very few can actually. So get close.

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