Snowshoe Midge

Top 10 Tailwater Midge Flies

Top 10 Tailwater Midge Flies

These Top 10 February Top 10 Tailwater Midge Flies are sure to please your Missouri River fancy.

The midge hatch has begun in ernest and manny anglers are asking about the correct midge patterns to toss at our February rising trout.

The hot times to fish for midge feeding fish are anytime during the day, when you find them without forgetting about the evening rise about an hour before dark.

The midge fishing will only get better as we move into full fledged spring. The longer you wait the better it will get. We are hoping for one of those fabulous midge spring sessions. Some years are better than others. What will this 2016 Midge Season bring? Only Mother Mo knows. She will show her hand at some point. As you know we are totally transparent on this honest and transparent fishing blog.

Enjoy the pictures of patterns below. They are as follows in no order. Lafontaine’s Buzzball, Quigley’s Cluster Midge, Snowshoe Midge, Trask’s Adult Chironomid, Stalcup’s Cluster Midge, Quigley’s Stacker Midge, CDC Cluter Midge, GT Triple Double, Matt’s Midge, and Harrop’s CDC Hanging Midge.

We have a ton of midge dry fly patterns @ Headhunters Fly Shop. The best dry fly selection in the Missouri River canyon. BarNone!

Click on the first image and move through them. The pattern is listed in the caption. Enjoy.

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