Missouri River October Flies

Missouri River October Flies

Dries that have kept our interest this last week include some of the following. The weather has not been cooperating with clouds and moisture. But it should, would, will come? We are doing the snow and rain dance daily.

Row 1: Lewis CDC & Foam October Caddis, Orange Stimulator, Swisher Dancing caddis, Tan Para Caddis, Translucent Pupa.

Row 2: Nymens DOA Cripple, Harrops Last Chance Cripple, Baetis Cripple, Sparkle Dunn Baetis olive, Harrops Biot Emerger, CDC Indicator Comparadun.

Row 3: RS-2, Hi-Vis BWO Spinner, Snow-Shoe Midge, Q’s Cluster Peacock , Juan’s Midge Ice Emerger Black.

Nymphs that have been getting us through the week are per below. Get out there and get some. The morning show has improved and you can expect a pretty strong bite most times of the day. Although, it is better when there are a billion bugs not he surface.

When there is not a great hatch, the fishing can be slower. Then toss streamers?

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.02.04 PM

Row 1: ClawR Crayfish, Pat’s Rubber Legs

Row 2: Pearl Lightening Bug, Mason’s Peep Show, Micro Mayfly, Matt’s Autocad, Rainbow Warrior, Purple Weight Fly, Purple Lightening Bug, Zebra Midge, Tailwater Sowbug, Rainbow Czech

Row 3: Magic fly BWO, Newman’s Own Midge, Stout’s WD-50, BH Midge Pupa, Arnold’s Palomino Midge, Juju Baetis, Skip’s Anatomay, Mercury Flashback PT, Mercury RS-2, S&M Nymph

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  • Andrew Surtees
    November 5, 2014 8:27 am

    Those pats rubber legs though.woooooo boy so much fun stripping twitching dead drifting.worked really well for me in early oct..they just make life fun

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