A Bulleted Missouri River June Forecast

A Bulleted Missouri River June Forecast

  • A short run-down of the Missouri River June Forecast today. A long winded over the top informational version may come in the near future, or not. So we hit you today with the crib notes version…
  • PMD’s. Yep this is the month. And we are near. Historically June 4, 5 or 6 is the first sighting. We are earlier than that this year. Can I tell you more? Not today.
  • Our fish love spinners, cripples, and emerges. But not so much the emerger in my book. Anymore. But, I know you catch them on what you are using. And I am a spinner lover.
  • Buzzball’s are my favorite fly from here on out til September.
  • Nymphing finally takes a back seat to the dry fly. Unless it floods. Then “back to the wire worm bitch.”
  • We get to use real flies this month. Hide the pink. Pheasant Tails and such. Caddis and PMD’s and Ants. Real fun flies.
  • Flies that float too high don’t catch as many as those patterns that don’t.
  • Fisherman are predictable in their own movement patterns. If you want some solace, be smarter than the masses. Early and late is one method.
  • And, June is freaking busy. The busiest month in the Missouri River calendar.
  • Streamer fishing can be damn good. Trout Spey nuts are finding it to true as well. Try swinging up some PMD trout? Do it. We got the goods for your Trout Spey experimentation. You did some goofy shit in college, why not try get weird again.
  • Leeches.
  • If you fish where the fewest anglers fish, the trout are not as wise.
  • The late part of the month gets nutty. Busy. Good. And some days great. If you have not booked, meaning last July for this June, you missed it. Try again this coming year.
  • The second half of July is not full yet. Difficult and somewhat snotty rising trout that will not entertain the 3rd drift, but are mildly amused by your 1st drift can be brought to hand. Trico’s in July dude.
  • Mosquito’s? Yes.
  • Caddis can keep you busy. Down-winged patterns are best. CDC and those you cannot see work well. The Translucent Pupa is king. OR the Translucent Emerger.
  • 7wt. has the best flies in the canyon hand picked for your daily DFO encounters.
  • Headhunters open daily 7am. As the month progresses we will be open earlier. Just know that we are here for the fishing not the cultural scene…so we will be open when you need to be on the water. No bones about it.
  • Trust me, I’m a fishing guide.
  • June 1st. Welcome to the beginning of summer and the dry fly bite.


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  • Hey Mark, thanks for the parade–of course I know why you had it. I also know they’ll be looking up in a bit–get your spinner and buzzballs !!!!!!! ready. But I’m sure they’re ready to go.


  • Greg Jarvis
    June 1, 2017 1:03 pm

    Look forward to seeing the MO and Craig MT again.. 20 sleeps !
    Been glued to the daily Blog since last summers trip …makes my morning daily!
    Cheers from Canada eh…

    Greg Jarvis…rookie two hander since Jan 2017
    Calgary, AB

  • Jack Williams
    June 1, 2017 4:01 pm


  • Ray Hamilton
    June 2, 2017 10:54 am

    Loved the updated info. Coming by for buzzballs. Exciting PMD news.

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