First just a few…then a few more.

First just a few…then a few more.

Saw a few of those June Mayflies today.

The lower is heating up with that ill flighted Trichoptera Gang.

The water temps are up and down. Well within the temperature range of our annual yellow Emphemerella emergence.



First just a few…then a few more.

Will they come? Soon. Soon my friends. We are right on the cusp.

The water flows will coming up as well as we adjust for the above normal rainfall this early part of June. The reservoir is filling on time @ 92.8% at press time. Inflows at Toston above historical averages now and climbing to 13K and beyond with the shower activity around the upper Missouri River drainage.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.31.50 PM
Water coming up on the Missouri River

The caddis flies continue to impress in the middle and lower reaches. The upper reach is clean and fishing well, most of the time.

The weather has been seasonal and predictably unpredictable. Rain, thunder, lightning, sun, calm, overcast, and wind will make up the majority of your day out there. That is the June status quo.

Don’t get caught with your proverbial pants around your ankles without the proper gear. It can snow this month and commonly we see our last snow fall near the second week of June. Just sayin’. Bring good rain gear and warm clothing.

The bugs are coming. Soon.

First just a few…then a few more.

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