Mo River October Caddis Love

Mo River October Caddis Love

Mo River October Caddis Love

September is over and we look forward to October as it is one of our favorite months here on the banks of Montana’s Mighty Missouri River. Therefore, we proclaim our Mo River October Caddis Love.

September is a good month for October Caddis. Just like March is not the primary month for March Browns, October is not always the best month for October Caddis. Although, it is not bad.

A good October Caddis hatch has been witnessed, as John pointed out this past week, all over the state and beyond. And it will continue as we move into true fall. Definitely on the Missouri River near Craig.

The water temps are declining, the leaves are falling, and the angling pressure is waning. All good for us here on the east side of the continental divide.

The dry fly? Generally not a technique that is all that effective. Until autumn 2019. Yes, it can be good, but it generally is not here on the Mo. Fella’s out there catching them on the giant dry fly. And not just a few. Tons and tons? No, certainly not. But it has been quite productive and we suggest you give it a try. Skitter it. Bank-line it. Drop something off of it. Fish it over mid river weeds flats. Strip it. Skate it. Kaufmann’s Stimulator is the most famous of the dry fly patterns.

We love to swing the October Caddis soft hackle. Swing it on your two hander or your streamer rod. Find bailouts with some fish moving around and get after it. Really a fun technique that many do not employ. Stop into the shop and we can get you interested and hooked up on proper flies and suggestions of water, styles, and so forth. Ever heard of Partridge and Orange?

Nymph it too. A good lead fly for your fall deep nymphing rig. Tie off a small mayfly from the rear and find that 3rd shelf line. Fish it deep with split shot. Fish it as your lead fly on your short-leash rig as well.

The October Caddis soft hackle and nymph patterns can be hard to find. While we do carry them I pick them out of fly bins around the northwest to broaden my personal selection. A pattern we use for 4-6 weeks, I love this fly.

Welcome October. Enjoy the Mo River October Caddis Love. Send us your photos of October Caddis fish and we will post to social networks. Come by the shop and speak with the staff about this lovely orange flavored fly.

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