Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report 10.29.16

Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report 10.29.16

Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report 10.29.16

Some BWO’s around but not tons of them. We are hoping that we will see far more this weekend. Today, tomorrow, and Halloween for sure.

The weather on Monday looks fishy for sure. Rain on tap, some baetis maybe? Rising trout maybe?

Gotta be here to see them, cast to them, talk about them. Trout will reward you if you are in the neighborhood..

Today we see calm winds which allows for a better period for the BWO’s to sit on the water for much longer than we see when the skies are overcast, the winds are light, and the air temperature is cool. Read this article from the spring with some additional info about warm weather and the lack of BWO’s. It is not the weather, man.

Nymphing is off the chart good. Some mornings not too terrific, but the afternoon has been shining. Sows and scuds are the name of the game still. Now thru the end of November. Stay strong. Worms, Rainbow Czechs, Tailwater Sows, Arnold’s Sili Scud, Firebead patterns, Ninch’s Bubble Yum, UV Tan Czech, Zebra’s in Black and Olive, RS2’s, Tung Death Metal, S & M, Micro May, Peep Show’s, Pearl LB’s, Radiation BWO’s, Pheasant Tails, Cheeseman Emergers, Little Green Machine’s, Two Bit Hooker, WD 40’s, and whatever Ninch, Sara, Braden, Shane, or Dewey point out in the Headhunters Fly Shop fly bins.

The dry fly fishing? Good if you find a few rising. They are catchable if approached in the right manner. First drift is an important concept. Live it. Breathe it. Do it.

And be rewarded.

Cripples, emergers, and spinners. Yes, the Mo breeds that kind of rising trout and that kind of angler. Good anglers and good rising trout.

Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report 10.29.16

The streamer fans are having more success than the precious weeks. So get out there and strip ’em in! Small black, bright and flashy gold brown and black, olive. Some are into the white and yellows. Not a bad idea.

We are the source for streamer fishing in the canyon. Lots of streamer lines in stock, along with tips, and an acre of streamer patterns filling the bins.

Last night for Izaak’s of Craig MT. A sad day for sure. Thanks to the strong 2016 Izaak’s staff and of course Chef John Winders. A fantastic show this season. Great food and great service. A bunch of fun over there. Thanks again to all. We are already looking forward to 2017!

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service open daily through the winter and into 2017. Open at 7am for a bit longer then we will go to our 8am winter hours opening. Generally open 8-6 daily beginning in November some time.

We are running hard through November 16th. Guides out daily taking advantage of the slower river traffic and increased fish bite! Some of the finest fishing of the year is being had right now! We have some cabins available at .

Come by and have a cup of coffee, arm up in the store, and chat with us about anything trout! Or demo a TroutSpey rod this week.

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