Classic Shuttle Ride Breaking Away

Friday Foto Classic Shuttle Vehicle Breaking Away

This Classic Shuttle Vehicle has not fallen from style…ever.

The cheapest way to fish with your drifter. No overpriced shuttle done by some fly shop who is already overcharging for flies, rods, free coffee…

This bike at Stickney Creek FAS yesterday. Brings back memories? No, not for me. I liked the hitch hiking method better. Conversation, fly trading, and a free beer generally came from that method.

Check out this trailer. Check out this movie if you have not seen it. It rules. Peter Yates is a modern day  dreamer. Honest.

I’m surprised I beat John to this blog-link. We have spoken about this film a few times over the years. A classic coming of age film for sure.

And now if you want to go over the edge today, Friday at your desk check out this catchy tune by Pink Floyd. From the first album. I remember a good friend of mine when wandering through my late teens playing this over and over and over at 3;17 am. Not sure what I was doing up then…

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