First Friday of Spring Foto

First Friday of Spring Foto

First Friday of Spring Foto

Fishing is quite good for late March.

I think the scale tipped the other way not eh first day of spring. The fishing will get better everyday thru July 5th. Easier I mean. After July 5th, it get’s harder. More difficult. Those fish wise on up pretty quick through the vehicle of Negative Reinforcement. A compelling educator un-natural, predatory behavior. All from us, the angler. A fact of fly fishing life.

Back to happy-happy-joy-joy spring time love. Sunny and 52F today. Saw hi 50’s this last week. Spring Special rolling along. Call us for cheap lodging too. Line it out man.

Swinging this last week pretty stinky hot. The fish were grabby. Big weekend education at Headhunters in the Trout Spey arena. Soon we should be dumping trout spey demo rods, or at least thinning the herd. Ask Sara, Ninch, John, or Mark about this possibility.

Nymphing? Also quite good. Fish moving into that quicker water. Quicker like not stopped. PINK. Or PINK with ORANGE BEAD. Or PINK with SILVER BEAD. You know. That kind of pink puke flavored variety. Ninch has got the shop stuffed with spring flies. Really our best selection of all time. Nearing our 10th birthday, Ninch is pulling out all the stops!

Midging? Not too good. Just not a ton out there looking. But, it is fishing and conditions change…and this report is already dated…older every minute. Stop in the shop for the up to the minute report!

Lodging thru April. Cheap. Guides? Cheap. Flies? Full price…but we do have a SALE RACK that is interesting. Clothing, hats, demo rods, discontinued rods, discontinued fly lines, and other random fly shop gee-gals all in the sale bin with pricing to make you salivate.

Peace. See you folks on the water or on the phone booking your Spring Special Guide Trips and Lodging!

Hooray for Spring!
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