Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.14.14

Approaching the middle of the month and the big BWO’s? Not here.

They have flirted, a little bit. Nothing to write home about.

So what are we doing this week to keep ourselves busy on the water? well, we’ll tell ya.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.14.14

Dry Flyin’ when we can. Blond fishing still producing good numbers of eats with your favorite dry flies. Bigger the better for the human factor. The fish like the little stuff. Can you meet somewhere in between? Your choice.

Adams, Wulff’s, ants, baetis stuff, some good caddis dries as well. Emergers? If you want to get a few on the trailer, then yes. Try your favorite attractor like an October Caddis. For those who find the sipping trout of the Missouri River you should be comfortable with small CDC Emergers, cripples, and spinners. Any of the killer Harrop stuff will work if you are so inclined.

Nymphin’? Short or long with a big one up top and a small one on the bottom. Or two small ones. How about double Zebra’s. How about a sz 20 Zebra and a sz 20 PT? That’ll work.

Streamer fishing? Brown is the theme of the week. Then yellow. Then flashy. Just sayin.’

Lots of apostrophe’s this report.

Weather? Windy and too sunny yesterday. Windy is a constant bothersome event here on the Mo’. But you know that. Get your stiff rod out of the car and use it.


Guide trips for the last week of October? Yes, we got guides. Fishing Hotline in Craig? 406-235-3447 or 877-DRY-FLYS. Call today.

Shop open every morning at 7am with hot cheap free coffee.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.13.14
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