Fall Fishing Montana's Missouri River

Fall Fishing Montana’s Missouri River

It is great. The big bugs are not here yet, but the dry fly fishing can and has been pretty good.

Different stretches of the river can hold bugs for the day, good hatches and success on the dry fly. Posted up and getting them.

Other reaches? Not as good.

Is there any way to tell which stretch will fish well today? I do not have the Genie in the Bottle but I can guess. And I do. And sometimes I guess wrong.

You? How are your guessing skills?

Fish to your strong points. Fish the water that you are comfortable with if you like to catch them or at least have an opportunity to get them on the dry fly.

Blind fishing has been good to as you have been reading the past couple weeks on this very blog.

RIO Line Company and SAGE Rods are here for their annual trip and it has been a ball already. They love to toss the streamer and then when the dries show…it is time to get out the SAGE Accel Rod and have at them. For streamers this week they have been throwing the SAGE Salt saltwater rod in both 5 and 6 weights. We have them both in stock and we also have a 5, 6, ad 7 wt. Accel in stock for demo purposes. We are really getting into the Accel. Come in today and take one out for a test drive. It is awesome.

The weather ahead looks sunny. Will it have some clouds in it? Will it be good for dry fly fishing? Only you can guess.


You do have to be here to really get a feel for what is happening. You gotta go to know.

So we always go.

We really do love this time frame on the Missouri River and let us know if we can help in any way for the future. We are here at the shop from 7am til 8pm daily for all your river needs like lodging, guiding, demo rods, flies, coffee, free high speed info, and much, much more!


Fall Fishing Montana's Missouri River
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