Top 5 July Missouri River Fly Fishing Tips

Top 5 July Missouri River Fly Fishing Tips

The top 5 Tips to get you through the month of July.

Dry Fly fishing is here in force and those who want to step it up can.

If you need to go the the next level consider some of these tips!

Top 5 July Missouri River Fly Fishing Tips

  1. Make the first cast count. Catch them on the first cast.
  2. The afternoon may suck. Enjoy the window of good fishing.
  3. Attractor patterns work. If you like techy small dry flies. Use those too.
  4. A longer leader may help. Try a 12′ RIO leader to start and then tippet it out longer. And the devilish 6X. Or the 5X. Most are 5X, or 4.5X.
  5. Mandatory skinny dipping on days over 90F. Use your own discretion.

You may already know these tips. Slack line short drifts, sounds good?

The fishing is just fantastic. It can be damn hard at times. That is usual for dry fly fishing. Honest.

Happy Weekend out there.

Top 5 July Missouri River Fly Fishing Tips
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  • Jim Williams
    July 14, 2014 10:54 pm

    Spot-on. Just want to say you have the best dry fly selection in your shop of anywhere. All great flies, by the best innovators (Harrop, etc), and nothing unnecessary. Today in there picking up some fillers, I was just thinking to myself how I could just go through, fill a couple boxes with what you have, and that’s all I’d ever need, anywhere! Great job.

  • Todd M Samson
    July 26, 2022 2:28 pm

    Skinny dipping, is the best advice ever!

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